Wellington Homeless Women's Trust
Providing Supportive Accommodation for Women on their own in Wellington City.

Our Stories

Jamie’s story

Jamie*, originally from Gisborne, left her roots and whanau after the death of her husband.

She drank a lot to heal the pain but has now given up drinking and the friends she drank with. She says the Trust not allowing visitors is great as her visitors would have encouraged her to drink, and she's over that life.

When she arrived at the Trust she was suffering from anxiety and depression and was on medication for her anxiety. She has weaned herself off and feels better without medication.

Jamie's advice to new tenants is the same as the advice she received from a previous tenant "It's a place to take time out for yourself and to think about what you want to do with your life."

Jamie says 'the best thing about the Trust is that they don't just accept anyone. You can always talk to the staff - they have a sense of when you're having a bad day and invite you into the office to talk.' Jamie recognises what she really needed was someone to talk to about what she'd been through. All the staff are amazing and Helen makes her laugh.

Jamie says "It's a safe place where you can reflect on things.'

She's looking forward to finding accommodation with the help of the Trust and looks forward to getting off the benefit once she has a job. She hopes to keep in touch with the new friends she's made at the Trust when she is settled in her new place.

* Name has been changed.