Wellington Homeless Women's Trust
Providing Supportive Accommodation for Women on their own in Wellington City.


We appreciate the time and effort committed by the following people to help us realise our vision :

  • Jeff Drane (Past Board Member)
  • Karen Holland (Past Board Member)
  • Barbara Gilray (Past Board Member)
  • Deborah Peters (Past Board Member)
  • Rose Ryan (Past Board Member)
  • Mike Leon (Past Board Member)
  • Diana Jones (Past Chair Person)
  • Jeff Drane (Board Advisor)
  • Kara Scally-Irvine; Michael Campin (EvaluationConsult - Evaluators)
  • James Roach (Gibson Sheat Lawyers)
  • Ruth Avery (Community Comms Collective – Stories)
  • Anna Allen (Career Support)
  • Victoria Crawford (Wages)

And a large number of others who have donated their time and/or money to help us on our journey.


Community Comms Collective www.communitycomms.org.nz

The Soup Kitchen www.soupkitchen.org.nz

Evaluation Consult www.evaluationconsult.com

Good Bitches Baking www.goodbitchesbaking.co.nz

Kaibosh Food Rescue www.kaibosh.org.nz